Proven standard for cemetery management

Axiom Memento® is the leading software suite for cemetery management in the SE European region when it comes to the quality level and the number of customers. It has been implemented in approximately 200 utility services companies and municipalities.

Web(cloud) GIS services for citizens

Have you ever come across a person who had decided to visit a grave of their relative or friend but couldn't find it? With our Software Solutions problems like these belong to history.

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Getting data for your billing system

Axiom Exto mR is a cloud solution for collecting utility meter readings. It can be used with our billing GIS solution Axiom Exto, but it can also work alongside any other billing solution.

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Tools for working outside your office

Axiom moGIS is a kit for field work.
It is used by utility service companies, municipalities and energy companies for the collection and maintenance of various spatial data.

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Public lighting on your palm

Axiom StreetLight is a cloud solution for the maintenance of public lighting.
It contains modules for registering lamp posts, reporting problems, launching work orders and tracking expenses. It also contains modules for simulating consumption and finding out various possibilities for electricity savings.

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